David & Jamie Springer

Staff Role: Regional Director

Hometown: Bethlehem, PA & Naples, FL

As a college student at Elon University, God providentially put several men in my life who were involved in Campus Outreach. These men challenged me to consider Jesus’ call to follow His mission to make disciples. The experience of life on life discipleship and personal evangelism, gave me a burden to build laborers on the campus. For nearly a decade, I have given myself to that end while serving on staff with Campus Outreach Charlotte. God has been incredibly faithful over this time, and we have seen significant fruit on our campuses. In order to steward this growth, the Lord has given Jamie and I a heart for reproducing this work in a new region of the country. We are excited about the opportunity to launch a team of passionate laborers to Lakeland, FL,  in partnership with Trinity Presbyterian Church. Jamie and I have been married since 2011 and have 3 children (Abigail, Madelyn and Hudson). 

Emily Yan

Staff Role: Campus Staff/Resource Coordinator

Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I grew up going to church and remember hearing about Jesus my whole life. I never fully understood my need for Jesus until the summer after my freshman year in college. I went to a CO Summer Beach Project, where God completely rocked my understanding of what it meant to be a Christian. He convicted me of my sin and I trusted Jesus to save me that summer. The last three years of my time in college were spent watching and learning from the lives of older believers, including Alicia, who served on staff with CO. I learned how to love God and people, as Alicia came alongside me and taught me how to minister to people who don’t know Him. God used Campus Outreach to change the direction and purpose of my life, and I trust that He will influence the world with the lives of changed college students.

Nate Church

Staff Role: Campus Staff

Hometown: Greensboro, NC

There has never been a point in my life where I would have said that I was not a Christian. And to be honest, I am not exactly sure at what point God truly saved me. During my senior year in high school I decided that I wanted to have "fun" and to "really experience life" so I began living what I thought was the good life. After receiving a drinking ticket during my freshman year, I quickly realized that the lifestyle I was living was unsatisfying. During this time, the Lord began pursuing me through a guy who worked on staff with Campus Outreach at UNC Charlotte. He  invited me their annual New Years' Conference. It was at this conference that I saw the depth of my sin and my desperate need for Christ. In the years that followed, CO taught me how to faithfully walk with Him. The Lord used Campus Outreach to radically change my life and I am excited to have the opportunity to see God reproduce this work in the lives of college students in Central Florida.

Chloe Buehler

Staff Role: Campus Staff

Hometown: Perrysburg, OH

I grew up going to church pretty consistently, believing that God was probably real, but that was the extent of what I thought. I have always been known as an athlete, and that quickly became the core of who I was. Up until the summer of 2015, I was living a selfish life, searching after a multitude of temporary pleasures that always left me feeling empty. But, by God’s grace, He completely flipped my life upside down in July of 2015!  He helped me to understand the depths of my sin, while also flooding me with His love in sending Christ to die the death that I deserved. During my final two years of college at UNCG, God immensely used the ministry of Campus Outreach to show me Himself and to learn how to live a life that’s pleasing to Him. I am so excited to be a part of this expansion team and impact college students’ lives as they are transformed by the LORD’s sweet love!

Asunji & Aaliyah Maddox

Staff Role: Campus Staff

Hometown: Goldsboro, NC

While I grew up going to church, my faith was never really my own. At 16, I had an opportunity to attend an FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Camp. During the camp I came to understand the Gospel for the first time and surrendered my life over to the Lord. This instantly sparked a sense of ownership of my faith in a way I had not previously experienced. Although I entered college as a young believer, I was content with the idea of compartmentalizing my personal relationship with Jesus alone in my dorm room. Thankfully, it wasn’t long until I was introduced to Campus Outreach. Throughout college, the CO Staff and student leaders continually challenged me to walk with Christ, reminding me that my calling in life is to SOMEONE rather than something. Over the course of my time in school, I learned how to share my faith and invest in others spiritually. I am excited about the opportunity to help college students in Central Florida find that SOMEONE.

Kristin Littlejohn

Staff Role: Campus Staff

Hometown: Ocean Isle, NC

I was raised in a Christian home and came to know the Lord when I was 8 through a church camp. However, much of my younger years were spent going through the motions of the Christian life. I had little investment and never really learned what it truly meant to follow Christ. It was not until I arrived at college that I ran into a senior involved in Campus Outreach. Through Katy’s life and friendship, the Lord began to reveal to me that if my very identity was found in Christ, then my life should reflect that reality. Over the course of the next few years, God used staff and students involved with Campus Outreach in mighty ways in my life. The growth I experienced in college has given me a desire to build laborers on the college campus in order to reach the nations.

Sam Yan

Staff Role: Campus Staff

Hometown: Cary, NC

Though I had grown up in a Christian environment, I did not have a desire to pursue God when I arrived at UNCG. I entered school with a desire to make memories and experience the college life. I didn't realize that God had plans for me that would greatly exceed my expectations. During my freshman year, I was connected to a student leader who was involved with Campus Outreach. Daquan shared the Gospel with me and later that semester I made the decision to no longer live for myself, but to honor Christ with my life. Over the course of the last few years, the ministry of Camus Outreach played an integral role in my development as a man through life on life discipleship. I am excited to be a part of launching this new work to Florida, where I can reproduce the experiences and training I received as a college student.

Tabby Akers

Staff Role: Campus Staff

Hometown: Elon, NC

Growing up I considered myself to be a Christian, but it wasn't until college when I began to understand the gospel for the first time. My classmate was involved in Campus Outreach and invited me to the Campus Outreach New Year’s Conference. It was during that week where God’s Word came alive, and I began to see my need for Jesus to save me from the sin that separates us from God. For the first time in my life I began to desire to know God because I truly loved Him. Since that conference in 2013, God has used the ministry of Campus Outreach to shape me into the person I am today. Jesus commands us all to make disciples, and because I love the college campus, that is where I want to make disciples (who make disciples).

Graham Albright

Staff Role: Campus Staff

Hometown: COLUMBUS, OH

I grew up going to church and believed that God existed, but had never realized that He wanted to have a relationship with me. During my junior year of high school, I suffered an injury that kept me out of football for the season. This led to me becoming angry, confused, and ultimately turning to atheism. This state of unbelief lasted until my sophomore year of college, where God used a variety of circumstances to soften my heart. During this time, God providentially connected me to several staff and students involved in Campus Outreach. God used these conversations and His Word to reveal the Gospel to me, which ultimately led to me professing faith in Christ. As my desire to know more of Him grew, I found myself giving more and more of my life over to Him. God used a CO Summer Beach Project to give me vision for evangelism and discipleship. After returning to campus, God gave me a desire to invest in my teammates’ lives. The transformation I saw in and through them helped me realize that the only thing I wanted to do after school was continue to invest in college students.